Being a very active person I always like to buy new workout attire. My favorite brands would definitely include Lululemon and Nike. I could not tell you how many Lululemon headbands I own. I am totally obsessed. They really are great headbands because unlike most headbands these actually stay on my head!


My collection of Lulu headbands. Obsessed.

Along with my many many headbands,I also own a pair of Lululemon yoga pants. They are on the pricier side costing around $100 but they are totally worth it. I know $100 is pretty outrageous for a pair of yoga pants but these are well-made and comfortable. I may even buy another pair but in a different style.

Now lets stop talking about Lululemon and start talking about Nike. I do not think I have ever owned a pair of sneakers that were not Nike. I am totally in love with their sneakers. Especially the “Free Runs”. They are so light and amazing for running. I also own “Dual Fusion” ones which I tend to lean towards for walking since they offer more support on the feet. Since I am more of a runner my Free Runs definitely get more usage. I mean who wouldn’t like some pretty bright sneakers?!


Nike Free Runs

Definitely another must for working out would be a good water bottle. I do sometimes use  regular plastic Poland Spring water bottles but lately I have been trying to be more eco-friendly using my CamelBak water bottle. I don’t know but something about these water bottles makes me drink more water which is DEFINITELY a plus. I also take it everywhere causing me to drink more water. As you can probably tell by reading this I do not love water. I much rather drink a sugary drink but I have been trying to lean off of those since I realize they are definitely not healthy. Water it is! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! My very first blog actually! And expect many more!


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