Is Jamba Juice Healthy?

I love smoothies. Especially strawberry ones. Seeing that strawberries are really hard to keep fresh I hate making smoothies even though I love them. Then I discovered Jamba Juice. Im not positive if Jamba Juice is actually healthy but it claims to be. I am guessing it is just a lot of sugar! I mean McDonalds claims to be healthy! We all know that is NOT true. Anyways I really do love Jamba Juice but I am going to do some research.


The Jamba Juice I visit when going to the mall.


Strawberry Smoothie. I do not get any banana in my mine. What I order is actually not even on the menu but this one guy at this one location always makes it without question!

After a little bit of research using this website

It states “The popular Orange Dream Machine flavor packs 540 calories for one 24-ounce Original serving size.  Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommended 2000-calorie diet, one smoothie equals one-quarter of a person’s daily calories.”

So Jamba Juice is not healthy and is basically a lot of sugar and calories. The website has a lot of information on Jamba so if you are interested go check it out. I still love my Jamba. Just thankful it is not too close by because it is not the healthiest thing on the menu.


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