All About Eyebrows

It is really important to have nicely shaped and filled in brows. The brows are a frame of the entire face and make a huge difference in one’s appearance in my opinion. There are many products out there to help fill in and better your brows. This blog post is dedicated to the products that I use and love. I also looked through some of my eyeshadow palettes for matte browns and colors that could be used for blonde hair. Eyeshadows can be used to fill in your brows but they must be matte, you do not want a glittery or shimmery brow. Another tip is to always choose a shade lighter than your actual brow color, it will look much more natural and not too dramatic. Of course if you like a dramatic dark brow go for it!


My go to products when it comes to brows!

The  Naked Basics palette is really popular so I wanted to include that since it has two really great shades for filling in brows. I honestly do not really use it to fill in my brows since I use something else that I LOVE! However I wanted to share this since I feel like a lot of people do not realize that eyeshadows can be used to fill in brows since brow powders basically are matte eyeshadows.


Naked 2 and Faint. Great matte shades.

The  Naked palette also by Urban Decay has two other really nice shades.


Naked and Buck

Anastasia Brow powder duo is my favorite! Anastasia has amazing brow products and is a really well-known brand. There brow powder duos and there product called the Brow Wiz are extremely popular. I have mine in the shade dark brown, kinda wish I went for medium brown but it works out really well I just use a light hand when applying it. I like my brows to look natural but full. I feel that using powders helps in achieving a natural look since whenever I use a pencil it can get the drawn on “too perfect” affect which I do not think anyone really wants.


Anastasia Brow Duo

In order to achieve a great brow you also need good brushes . I use my Real Techniques brow brush which works really well however it is a little wide so I am looking to get a more precise brush. I also own the PRO brow comb #21 from Sephora which I use to groom by brows into place and trim them when necessary. A cheaper alternative to this is to buy a spoolie brush. They are very cheap and work wonders. A lot of brow pencils come with the spoolie attached.


Brow Spoolie


Sephora PRO Brow Comb #21

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have an amazing weekend!


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