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All About Eyebrows

It is really important to have nicely shaped and filled in brows. The brows are a frame of the entire face and make a huge difference in one’s appearance in my opinion. There are many products out there to help fill in and better your brows. This blog post is dedicated to the products that I use and love. I also looked through some of my eyeshadow palettes for matte browns and colors that could be used for blonde hair. Eyeshadows can be used to fill in your brows but they must be matte, you do not want a glittery or shimmery brow. Another tip is to always choose a shade lighter than your actual brow color, it will look much more natural and not too dramatic. Of course if you like a dramatic dark brow go for it!


My go to products when it comes to brows!

The  Naked Basics palette is really popular so I wanted to include that since it has two really great shades for filling in brows. I honestly do not really use it to fill in my brows since I use something else that I LOVE! However I wanted to share this since I feel like a lot of people do not realize that eyeshadows can be used to fill in brows since brow powders basically are matte eyeshadows.


Naked 2 and Faint. Great matte shades.

The  Naked palette also by Urban Decay has two other really nice shades.


Naked and Buck

Anastasia Brow powder duo is my favorite! Anastasia has amazing brow products and is a really well-known brand. There brow powder duos and there product called the Brow Wiz are extremely popular. I have mine in the shade dark brown, kinda wish I went for medium brown but it works out really well I just use a light hand when applying it. I like my brows to look natural but full. I feel that using powders helps in achieving a natural look since whenever I use a pencil it can get the drawn on “too perfect” affect which I do not think anyone really wants.


Anastasia Brow Duo

In order to achieve a great brow you also need good brushes . I use my Real Techniques brow brush which works really well however it is a little wide so I am looking to get a more precise brush. I also own the PRO brow comb #21 from Sephora which I use to groom by brows into place and trim them when necessary. A cheaper alternative to this is to buy a spoolie brush. They are very cheap and work wonders. A lot of brow pencils come with the spoolie attached.


Brow Spoolie


Sephora PRO Brow Comb #21

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have an amazing weekend!


Stila In the Light Eye Shadow Palette

Today I am going to share with you all my review of the Stila In the Light Palette. I got this palette as a gift on Christmas so I have not owned it too long but I really love it. The palette includes 10 of Stila’s award winning eyeshadows. The palette also comes with smudge stick in Damsel, a matte brown.


The palette’s packaging. It is in a cardboard type packaging that I really like.

Here are the colors. If you are not positive how to wear them the palette comes with a nice look book.

ImageGorgeous colors. Greatly pigmented.


From top left to right are: bare, kitten, bliss, sunset & sandstone.
From bottoms left to right are: bubbly, glided gold, luster, night sky & ebony.

How would I describe the shades?

Bare – Perfect Highlight color for underneath he brow bone. Also perfect as a base for the eyeshadow.

Kitten – My favorite shadow in the palette! Nude pink with shimmer

Bliss – Matte nude

Sunset – Similar to bliss however with shimmer

Sandstone – Matte brown

Bubbly- Shimmery Champagne

Glided Gold  – Shimmery bronze

Luster – Gray with shimmer

Night Sky – Blue with shimmer

Ebony – Matte Black

This palette is very very similar to the first Urban Decay Naked Palette. Night sky from In the Light is identical to Gunmetal from the Naked palette. Sunset and Toasted are extremely similar. Bubbly and Half Baked are also pretty similar.


Not my photo. Got this from

I do own both Naked as well but I honestly like Stila’s palette so much more the colors are amazing and apply so nicely. The Naked palette offers two more shadows and costs $52 while Stila in the light costs $39 which is a $13 difference. The naked palette is definitely more popular however I love the Stila palette 10x more. If you are on the fence between which palette to get go with Stila!




Makeup Products Wishlist

Today I thought I would share some of the makeup products I have been wanting. I love browsing on and looking at reviews. I also love knowing makeup products other people want because for some reason it just interests me. On my blog I hope to update this at the end of every month. I will delete products I bought and add in new products I have been wanting. Enjoy.


Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW $36


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $20


Rimmel London Natural Bronzer $5


Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser $23


*None of these pictures were taken by me*

These are were I got the pictures from!

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review

Makeup application is a very essential and important step. For good results makeup brushes can make a huge difference. However It is difficult to find good quality brushes without breaking the bank. Most drugstore brushes are bad quality but Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman are surprisingly good. I bought two sets at Ulta about six months ago and I definitely do not use all of them however I am beyond happy with the ones I do use.

The brushes in this next picture are from the Core Collection set. The Core Collection set is all face brushes. From left to right is the buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and lastly the detailer brush.

The main one I use from this set is the buffing brush which I use with liquid foundation. Sadly the buffing brush is only available in the Core Collection set and you can not buy it individually at least at Ulta. However they have one very similar called the expert face brush. My sisters use that because I told them how great Real Techniques is and they agree. The contour brush I sometimes use and the pointed foundation brush I barely use only for under eye concealer at time. The detailer brush is made to be used for blemishes.Image

I am not going to go in depth with the Starter Kit. Basically it is all eye brushes and an eyebrow brush. From left to right include:  base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush and lastly the brow brush. I like this set a lot more than the Core Collection set mainly because I get more use out of these brushes. I love the base shadow brush, the deluxe crease brush and the brow brush. The other two I rarely use. The accent is for highlighting underneath the brow bone, but it is way too small. The pixel-point eyeliner brush is too big.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. Overall super happy with this purchase of brushes. They are both $18 each however when i bought them they were on sale buy one Real Techniques product get the other half off. So that was great! Thanks Tanya Burr for always using these brushes in tutorials and making me realize I just had to get them!

Is Jamba Juice Healthy?

I love smoothies. Especially strawberry ones. Seeing that strawberries are really hard to keep fresh I hate making smoothies even though I love them. Then I discovered Jamba Juice. Im not positive if Jamba Juice is actually healthy but it claims to be. I am guessing it is just a lot of sugar! I mean McDonalds claims to be healthy! We all know that is NOT true. Anyways I really do love Jamba Juice but I am going to do some research.


The Jamba Juice I visit when going to the mall.


Strawberry Smoothie. I do not get any banana in my mine. What I order is actually not even on the menu but this one guy at this one location always makes it without question!

After a little bit of research using this website

It states “The popular Orange Dream Machine flavor packs 540 calories for one 24-ounce Original serving size.  Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommended 2000-calorie diet, one smoothie equals one-quarter of a person’s daily calories.”

So Jamba Juice is not healthy and is basically a lot of sugar and calories. The website has a lot of information on Jamba so if you are interested go check it out. I still love my Jamba. Just thankful it is not too close by because it is not the healthiest thing on the menu.


Today I decided to share with you all some photos taken on my iPhone 4s. Today my phone was actually stolen in school so that was great! Kidding! Luckily last night I decided to sync all my photos onto my computer which I am so happy I did otherwise I would have lost them all. Photos are something I cherish greatly. Anyways here are some of the pictures from my now stolen iPhone. Ugh. The app I use to edit is Snapseed, I totally recommend it!


Boston Common April 2013IMG_2247Love the reflection from the water!IMG_2356Same pond as above photo. Different day!IMG_3678Same pond again. I guess you could say I take many pictures here! Haha.

Hope you enjoyed!

Being a very active person I always like to buy new workout attire. My favorite brands would definitely include Lululemon and Nike. I could not tell you how many Lululemon headbands I own. I am totally obsessed. They really are great headbands because unlike most headbands these actually stay on my head!


My collection of Lulu headbands. Obsessed.

Along with my many many headbands,I also own a pair of Lululemon yoga pants. They are on the pricier side costing around $100 but they are totally worth it. I know $100 is pretty outrageous for a pair of yoga pants but these are well-made and comfortable. I may even buy another pair but in a different style.

Now lets stop talking about Lululemon and start talking about Nike. I do not think I have ever owned a pair of sneakers that were not Nike. I am totally in love with their sneakers. Especially the “Free Runs”. They are so light and amazing for running. I also own “Dual Fusion” ones which I tend to lean towards for walking since they offer more support on the feet. Since I am more of a runner my Free Runs definitely get more usage. I mean who wouldn’t like some pretty bright sneakers?!


Nike Free Runs

Definitely another must for working out would be a good water bottle. I do sometimes use  regular plastic Poland Spring water bottles but lately I have been trying to be more eco-friendly using my CamelBak water bottle. I don’t know but something about these water bottles makes me drink more water which is DEFINITELY a plus. I also take it everywhere causing me to drink more water. As you can probably tell by reading this I do not love water. I much rather drink a sugary drink but I have been trying to lean off of those since I realize they are definitely not healthy. Water it is! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! My very first blog actually! And expect many more!